BIO HABITAT, Designer and Builder of Mobile Homes

In 1992, when we launched the mobile home in France, our challenge was to make comfort and camping go hand in hand. Then, together on your land, we revolutionised the way you experience camping. Present at 7 industrial sites in 7 countries, Mobil-home BIO HABITAT's mission is to support these changes by offering, through our 4 brands: IRM, O'HARA, COCO and BHI, adapted products and local services.

As the leader in the mobile home market for 30 years, we are committed to our position. And that's why, since 2014, the company has densified its offering to present its customers with the most comprehensive range on the market. On the one hand, by strengthening the positioning of its 2 historic brands IRM and O'HARA, on the other hand by launching an original concept "COCO SWEET" on a market segment not covered in the Hotellerie de Plein Air (HPA) and in 2018 by creating BHI which exclusively addresses the Italian market.

Today, we produce more than 10,000 mobile homes a year. This fine performance is the fruit of the efforts and commitment of our employees, who work every day to produce quality products in a sustainable development approach.

  • Europe's leading manufacturer of mobile homes
  • 30 years' experience in mobile home construction
  • 7 industrial sites
  • + More than 250,000 mobile homes built to date


A comprehensive offering for all market segments

  • A market-leading rental offering with IRM and its residential version: IRM HABITAT
  • A bold design collection for exceptional neighbourhoods with O'HARA
  • A specific range designed for the Italian market: BHI
  • A natural, designer alternative to traditional camping with COCO SWEET


BIO HABITAT is committed to responsible housing design


  • Choice of environmentally-friendly materials
  • Energy-saving equipment and performance
  • Solutions that facilitate the dismantling of mobile homes
  • Eco-profile measuring our impact on the environment



  • EN 1647 certification: the best guarantee of comfort and safety for every mobile home
  • ISO 14001-compliant factories, design and brands



Throughout the production chain, the men and women of BIO Habitat apply a manufacturing and quality control process. Everyone knows exactly what they have to do in order to keep up with the different rates of production for each type of model. Each mobile home manufacturing site respects the same industrial principle.



We design our accommodation using a noble, clean material: wood. And we rely on processes that are constantly being improved to ensure efficient performance with a view to sustainable development. All our mobile homes are 100% recyclable.