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IRM, France's leading mobile home manufacturer

With over 30 years' experience, more than 160,000 mobile homes installed in Europe, the IRM brand is a benchmark in the outdoor accommodation market.

Since it was founded over 30 years ago in Luçon in the Vendée, the brand has had one objective: to offer the best mobile home accommodation solution to all outdoor accommodation professionals. Buying an IRM mobile home means choosing a mobile home with a strong reputation, with ever more economical use and a resale that respects the rules of the second-hand market. 


Models with innovative concepts

GREEN mobile homes

From design to dismantling, IRM is committed to sustainable development at every stage of the mobile home life cycle. And to take eco-friendly design a step further, IRM is launching its GREEN concept in 2021. Designed around 3 key areas to reduce the impact on the environment: use of natural raw materials (plant-based wool, bamboo furniture, etc.), use of recycled materials and energy-saving equipment such as photovoltaic panels and a white roof to limit the rise in temperature of the cabin, etc.

WATERPROOF mobile home

Today, climate change is causing increasingly frequent flooding, and protecting leisure accommodation from this risk is a major challenge for the outdoor hotel industry. 
IRM's objective in launching the WATERPROOF project was to design a mobile home that could withstand a 1m rise in water level for 24 hours. Mission accomplished!
This innovation, already awarded a SETT d'Or, was certified in April 2023 by Bureau Véritas. The test results show that the innovative WATERPROOF design can withstand a 1 m rise in water level, and that the mobile home's functions remain intact after a month of observation and measurements. 


2 ranges of mobile homes 

IRM mobile homes for professionals

  • 17 models from 18 to 40m2 with 1 to 4 bedrooms

IRM Habitat mobile homes for individuals

  • 9 models from 28 to 43 m2 in 2 and 3 bedrooms


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